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A Christmas 2011 gift for my sister, starring a lot of her favorite couples! I came up with the idea to make the fluffiest video I could think of, found the perfect song, and had a blast making it.

Couples in order of appearance:

Ted & Blake (Queer As Folk)
Michael & Ben (Queer As Folk)
Emmett & Drew (Queer As Folk)
Kurt & Blaine (Glee)
Zach & Shaun (Shelter)
Adam & Steve (Adam and Steve)
Justin & Ethan (Queer As Folk)

Happy New Year!




I have an addiction to Fraternity X. The vids are just so legit.

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Armand Rizzo showing off his talented pussy, taking all of Rocco Steele’s Daddy dick.

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this is one of my new favorite short films, and max rhyser is so hot

anyone who hasn’t experienced these parties in NYC is really missing out


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"i really wanna be on this team, coach. anything i can do to up my chances?"

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